Cost Planning

Cost Planning

The starting point for any project is a cost estimate. At Focus we are pleased to provide this upfront service without cost or obligation to you as the project owner.

We enjoy the challenge of providing accurate construction cost estimates at the concept stage of a project.

This input can commence at the feasibility stage to assist in the evaluation of land use and building options. Once the concept is finalised, our cost planning can give you a measure of financial certainty.

Our skilled estimating staff and subcontractors draw on years of experience compiling bids for a diverse range of projects in the local market.

We have established relationships with suppliers that ensure extremely competitive prices from the most qualified people.

Design Management

At Focus we believe our input in the planning and design development stages will always contribute to the success of a project.

As part of your design team, we can advise you on the cost planning, programming, construction methodology and contracting format. Early contractor involvement will ensure the design team fully considers the best building techniques, materials and systems available.

Alternatively, we can perform the design management role as part of a complete design and construct package. With a design and construct approach we work alongside you to understand and help define your needs before delivering innovative and cost-efficient construction solutions.

Design Management


Getting on site and hands-on is our passion at Focus. Our can-do attitude and streamlined systems ensure we can construct even the most complex projects.

We have a background in all sectors of the commercial and industrial building industry and all modes of project delivery. We are comfortable working in whatever contracting format you choose – conventional tender, design and construct or managing contractor.

Regardless of the contracting format, we believe in an open partnering approach. Rather than taking the adversarial line that’s all too common in the construction industry, we believe in teamwork and collaboration. By respecting and engaging with all team members, from owners to architects, engineers, trades and subcontractors, we not only deliver great projects but enjoy the process.

Safety management is a priority. Our people have a history of meeting high safety standards in difficult circumstances and for demanding clients. They are experienced in working under safety management systems that satisfy Australian Standard AS 4801 and are accredited by the Federal Safety Commissioner.

ECI Procurement

Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) is a contracting methodology which allows Focus Building Company to become involved in your project at the initial design stage,leading to an earlier start on site and an earlier completion of your project.

Under this arrangement, Focus Building Company will provide our expertise in pricing, design, programming and construction methodology. This will add immediate value and deliver cost savings while the design is being developed. 

As the client, our ECI engagement will allow you to:
  • Obtain early pricing to provide more certainty on project viability
  • Gain valuable input on design as it is being developed
  • Create transparency with key trade pricing to assess alternatives
  • Complete the project faster compared with other forms of procurement
  • Retain flexibility and time to accommodate value engineering
  • Be non adversarial with partnering and collaboration at the heart of the project principles
  • Retain the choice of final contract form
ECI Procurement
Focus Building Company has a background in all sectors of commercial and industrial building and all modes of project delivery. We can work effectively in whatever contracting format you choose – conventional tender, design and construct or managing contractor. 
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