Mother Teresa Catholic College Stage 3A, Baldivis


Project Details

Client:Catholic Education WA
Architect:Parry and Rosenthal
Contact Value:$15,000,000
Commenced:January 2018
Completion:January 2019
Following the successful completion of Stage 3, Focus Building Company was awarded the Stage 3A contract to provide the Learning Block (Part 2,) a Resource Centre/Science Block and an Administration Block. The project maintained the high quality designs of Parry and Rosenthal Architects for the earlier stages and all the buildings were constructed of rammed earth to match the previous stages. The rammed earth walls are over 10m high in some areas. This created some major construction challenges and required close supervision to ensure the required very high quality was achieved. The key challenge for our construction team was to ensure that the works remained segregated from the operational school. Specialist planning was required to install a high level link bridge so that students could access the extended Learning Block from the 1st floor level. Planning required working closely with the School management to ensure that all risks were minimized and there was no impact on the College’s operations.

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