Occupational Health And Safety Policy

About Focus
Focus provides a complete project planning, design and delivery service for building and industrial construction projects in accordance with legislative, regulatory, contractual and client requirements.

Our Commitment
Focus is committed to health and safety and considers it essential to the successful operation of our business. By adopting a dynamic, preventative and inclusive approach to health and safety we aim to eliminate workplace injury/harm for company personnel, sub-contractors, visitors and clients/stakeholders.

Focus aims to achieve this through:
  • The implementation of the Focus Management System (FMS) aligned with the requirements of AS/NZS 4801:2001 (Occupational health and safety management systems).
  • The establishment of appropriate and measurable objectives and targets to assess performance.
  • The provision of adequate resources to meet objectives/targets and continuously review and improve system performance.
  • Adherence to relevant legislation, regulations or other requirements to which to the company subscribes.
  • Identify, assess, manage and review all hazards/risks from company activities.
  • Workforce education/training to ensure all Focus personnel are aware of relevant health and safety legislation, regulations and requirements, including company and employee accountability.
  • Consultation with company personnel, sub-contractors and relevant interested parties to ensure effective communication of health and safety policy/issues and improved decision-making.
  • Distribution of the health and safety policy to all company personnel, sub-contractors and interested parties.
  • Promoting a proactive and inclusive workplace culture toward health and safety, including fitness for work.
By working together and implementing strong and effective management systems we are confident we can achieve our goal to eliminate workplace injury/harm. 
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