Environmental Policy

About Focus
Focus provides a complete project planning, design and delivery service for building and industrial construction projects in accordance with legislative, regulatory, contractual and client requirements.
Our Commitment
Focus is committed to adopting and maintaining sound environmental management and operating practices to mitigate adverse impacts as a result of our business activities. 
Focus aims to achieve this through:
  • The development and implementation of the Focus Management System (FMS) in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 14001 (Environmental management systems).
  • The establishment of appropriate and measurable objectives and targets to assess performance.
  • The provision of adequate resources to meet objectives/targets and continuously review and improve system performance.
  • Adherence to relevant legislation, regulations or other requirements to which to the company subscribes.
  • Workforce education/training to ensure all Focus personnel are aware of relevant environmental legislation, regulations and requirements, including company and employee accountability.
  • Prevention of pollution and, where practicable, the implementation of sustainable practices (e.g. waste reduction and recycling strategies, efficient/low emission equipment/machinery, sustainably sourced resources and promoting the development of innovative and energy efficient green buildings).
  • Distribution of the environmental policy to all company personnel, sub-contractors and interested parties.
Focus assesses potential environmental aspects on a project by project basis and develops, implements and maintains appropriate environmental processes to manage the prioritized objectives and targets in accordance with the FMS.
Focus Building Company has a background in all sectors of commercial and industrial building and all modes of project delivery. We can work effectively in whatever contracting format you choose – conventional tender, design and construct or managing contractor. 
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