About Us


A Focus on Building Better

Focus Building Company is a construction business built on decades of experience in the Western Australian construction industry.

Our founding directors, Kevin Luttrell and Adrian Ridderhof, each have distinguished careers spanning more than 40 years. Before establishing Focus Building Company in 2013, Kevin and Adrian headed the successful and award winning Perth Building Company.

At Focus our experience covers all sectors of the construction industry and provides expertise in every facet of project planning, design and delivery.

We thrive on new challenges and are at our best when a project is technically or logistically demanding and requires smart planning.

We value collaboration – and we aim to build relationships that last. When you’re a client of Focus, we work alongside you and all members of your project team as a trusted partner, from the first planning meeting to final commissioning.

Your current project is always our primary focus at Focus. More importantly, we strive for such high performance that we win your next one. 

Constructing the Focus Vision

At Focus Building Company our focus is clear.

We have a passion for the building industry and a desire to build a business delivering the highest standards of performance.

We will maintain a dynamic approach that is rewarding and enjoyable for our staff, our contractors and our clients.

We have a culture of collaboration and performance that is the opposite of the adversarial approach that is often found in the building industry.

We are focused on today, but also on tomorrow. We bring outstandingly talented young people into the company and we work to ensure they become the mainstay of the business in the future.

By focusing on this vision we will deliver projects to make our clients proud.


Kevin Luttrell


Kevin Luttrell is a builder of construction projects – and a builder of new businesses. Prior to establishing Focus Building Company with Adrian Ridderhof, the pair founded award-winning Perth Building Company (PBC). Earlier in his career, Kevin founded Entact, later Entact Clough. Kevin is building fresh projects and relationships at Focus.

Adrian Ridderhof


Adrian Ridderhof has had a wealth of experience managing construction companies. Before founding Focus Building Company with Kevin Luttrell, Adrian and Kevin were co-owners of leading construction business Perth Building Company (PBC) and previously worked together at Entact Clough. Adrian brings a culture of collaboration and performance to his management role at Focus.

Shaun Hughes


Shaun Hughes joined Focus Building Company in January 2014. In line with the company's objective of bringing outstanding young talent into a management role, Shaun has now been appointed a Director of the company. Prior to joining Focus,Shaun worked with Kevin and Adrian at Perth Building Company in the role of Site Manager on a wide variety of retail, educational and commercial projects.

David Welsh

Director and General Manager

David Welsh joined Focus Building Company in October 2014 as our Design & Bid Manager, after 4 years in a similar role with Built Environs. David has 27 years of experience working with major developers and contractors in a design and construct environment. He is well known and highly regarded for his ability to drive the success of a project through cost management and value engineering in the design stages.

Laughton Savage

Laughton Savage


Laughton began working with Perth Building Company in 2007 whilst completing his studies at Curtin University. During this period he gained experience on site on a wide range of projects. He graduated in 2009 and took up a role as a Contract Administrator with Perth Building Company working on a range of Retail, Educational and Medical projects.

Focus Building Company has a background in all sectors of commercial and industrial building and all modes of project delivery. We can work effectively in whatever contracting format you choose – conventional tender, design and construct or managing contractor. 
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